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Hello there and welcome to codingScars!

I’m Carlos and this is the first post on this brand new blog. I’m very excited to be writing again and I’m happy that you’re reading it!

Back in 2011, my good friend Daniel and I created a blog called vidasConcurrentes. It mainly contained programming and computer security related posts. We started using Blogger but then migrated to a self-hosted WordPress when the blog started to require some extra customizations.
We had a great time but we started to have less and less time to work on it, so we stopped writing.

Unfortunately, after some years with no new posts we decided it was time to close it for good.

Time has passed now, we graduated from University, got new jobs, we’ve been (and keep!) learning new stuff and thought it was time to start writing again!
We’re not sure how frequently we’ll be having new posts, but we’ll sure have fun :)

What to expect

Posts will vary in content but will be mainly programming related.
We’ll use this blog as an excuse to develop some ideas further so we can show them. Most of them will be Proofs of Concept but we’re planning on writing about some general Computer Science topics like Data Structures and Algorithms, or talking about some key features of programming languages and frameworks.

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t give our opinions on other topics like team management or share quick tips to leverage your team’s production. Again, this blog is just an excuse to explore some of the concepts we’ve been (and are!) dealing with.

Why this platform

codingScars is powered by Jekyll, mainly because it’s a nice way of having GitHub Pages host it for free but also because it’s a great static-site engine we wanted to try out.

The theme we’re using is Minimal Mistakes, which is a blast. It’s packed up with so many nice features that it’s almost plug-and-play. And we’re here for the content, right?

We’ll be adding and updating features as we go, when new posts need them. We don’t want to spend months building the site to find out we have no content to share.

So let’s get it started!